Case Victories & Testimonials

A Small Sampling of Case Victories:
  • After victory in several litigations on behalf of the same child against a school district, obtained a large global settlement in excess of $300,000 in exchange for parents directing their own educational program for the child at private schools during his high school years.
  • Negotiated private high school placement in Pennsylvania for New Jersey student whose anxiety disorders were so overwhelming that he was refusing to attend school.
  • Stopped District from sending special needs elementary school child to a private school due to behavioral issues, and required District instead to create appropriate inclusion program in his neighborhood school.
  • Enforced in Federal Court a settlement agreement that District had entered into during mediation, but which it later tried to rescind contending that the School Board had not aproved it.
  • Negotiated extensive 1:1 training multiple days per week for multiple years with parent-chosen reading specialist for student with dyslexia.
  • Significantly reduced threatened disciplinary action and modified disciplinary record for student who brought and fired paint ball gun on school grounds.
  • Stopped District from imposing discipline on student who had violated school disciplinary policy, but had done so in attempting to defend himself from bullying and harassment.
  • Successfully stopped university disciplinary action against college student falsely accused of sexual assault.
  • Obtained tuition reimbursement and travel expenses for family who unilateraly placed their child with special needs in a private school due to the District’s failure to adequately program for the child.

“I went to Jerry complaining about the district’s failures to implement some relatively small supports in my son’s IEP at the high school.  Jerry noticed a reading problem and guided me to obtain proper evaluations, which uncovered a previously unknown but significant level of dyslexia.  For years my son had been relegated to lower level classes and told he was not capable of better performance.  After Jerry negotiated intensive 1:1 Wilson instruction, my son rose from being 4-5 years behind in reading to reading on grade level by the time he graduated.  More importantly, he went from a child who saw himself as “dumb” to a child who enjoyed learning and believed in his ability to learn.  It literally changed his life.”

“Jerry is extremely empathetic and effective.  He gave me the emotional support I needed during a difficult, but successful, battle with my school district.”

”Parents report that the student has progressed from a child who was to be largely relegated in high school to a program of sweeping floors and taking out trash, to a child who reads, plays piano, is learning to travel in his community, swims independently and is surrounded by expert service providers deeply committed to their work.  The child’s family reports that the settlement they received in the case has lifted an enormous weight from their shoulders and enabled them to give their son opportunities only imagined previously.”


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