Adults with Autism

Saw this article today put out by Public Broadcasting about seeking to have more thought and supports put into adult services for people on the autistic spectrum.

Parents are very rightly focused on special education services for their special needs children when the children are young.  But the children do grow up and for many the fight for dignity and a meaningful life will continue.

Efforts to raise the bar must not end at graduation.

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Another School Bus Incident for a Child with Autism

Once again another incident in which a child with autism was abused or abandoned on a school bus.  This time a driver tied a three year-old child into his seat.

The web is replete with incidents involving children with autism being put off the bus on busy roads, being left on the bus overnight at the bus yard, or being otherwise forgotten on the bus on hot summer or cold winter days. There are similarly large numbers of reports of bus related incidents of physical abuse and bullying by drivers or other students with respect to children with a variety of special needs.

Many of these stories have occurred right here in New Jersey and southern Pennsylvania, and I have represented several families with respect to such issues.

Seeing another news report like this I am left with the seemingly impossible mindset of being simultaneously mind-boggled and not surprised.

Parents of special needs children are reminded to ask about and insist upon proper training for bus drivers and bus aides with respect both to their child’s disability in general and to any particular issues specific to their child. It is an often overlooked issue because it is outside of the school day and does not involve direct special education.

Stay safe out there.