New Special Needs Communication Technology for Students with Autism or Other Disabilities

A father of a non-verbal child with Autism has developed a new communication app that relies on symbols (like the PEC system) for a non-verbal person to communicate with others.  It could be a good addition to special education programming in school for all children with special needs who require a pictorial method of communication.

Most existing systems do not allow for sending messages and e-mails to others utilizing a pictorial system, and instead require the person with autism to be at the same device screen as the person he is communicating with.

This device allows the non-verbal person to communicate with friends, teachers, family and others – so long as they also understand the pictorial message.  It appears to open up an area of vastly increased opportunities for reciprocal social communication for non-verbal persons with Autism or other disabilities who are otherwise not able to utilize the common keyboard to express their ideas.

I have no personal experience with this app, so am not vouching for it by any means — but it seems like a great addition to the existing technology and is at least worth knowing about.  Here is a link:

New uses of such technology should regularly be reviewed by parents of children with special needs so that they know the up-to-date options.

I can certainly envision the incorporation of such a device as this into a child’s school special education program (IEP), including possible group programming among a number of non-verbal students.

Leave it to a Parent to have recognized the value in this added component.

Jerry Tanenbaum, NJ and PA education attorney



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